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Chairman Message

The global economic order, the rapid rate of technological advancement, the information revolution, all have opened new series of challenges as well as opportunities. India's cherished vision to become super power can only be attained by its large high quality human power. We as educational institution imparting technical education shoulder the responsibility of developing and nurturing the world class engineers, technologists and managers.

PMRIT has a legacy of contributing to nation's development by producing highly skilled engineers over a decade of its existence. PMRIT place a great value on its students, the college rich history of academic excellence, quality career education in different and diverse streams of technical and management education and a reputation for excellence that courses taught here are in fine –tune with today's and tomorrow's globalized ethos of technology and management.

The faculty is renowned, infrastructure is professionally sound and students are committed to the cause of learning. I wish to assure all concerned that no efforts will be spared to bring PMRIT on the world map among the top technical education institutions.